A BIG THANK YOU to our sponsors, without their support these expeditions would not be possible. 

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Yale Cordage has never lost a customer to a competitor based on quality nor have we sought customers on the basis of price alone. We have always embraced new arborist rope fiber technologies and have been the first manufacturer to incorporate them in arborist rope and cable products when they provide the best customer value.

Yale has continuously developed unique custom and modified machinery to maintain its advantage in processing fibers to their fullest potential. We do this every day to the very best of our abilities in Maine and North Carolina…..nowhere else.

Yale is proud of its support of the Arborist Trade, from its introduction of high tech synthetic fibers for heat resistance, to setting up a working arborist rope-making machine at TCI. We want to make your job easier and safer.
— Tom Yale

Actsafe powered ascenders are the ultimate powered ascenders for use in Industrial rope and canopy access applications. Actsafe has allowed us to push boundaries in canopy access and give non climbers a chance to experience the tree canopy, in a safe and efficient way
— David - Explore Trees
We manufacture and distribute products for people that work At Height. We have years of experience working in the arborist field, and are dedicated to supporting the industry with high quality products.

We are proud to be able to sponsor an organization such as Explore Trees, as they spread their knowledge and passion for trees all over the world.
— Jason Diehl - At-Height