David was born in South Africa, and spent his childhood exploring Southern Africa as a child. David is based in the UK working as a Freelance climber and instructor. David has dedicated his life to canopy access and with a key focus on conservation. 
With keen interests in adventure travel, photography, all aspects of climbing and conservation, David founded Explore Trees in 2012.



Drew was born in the UK and has been based In NZ for the past 10 years climbing some of the most amazing trees on the planet. He recently became the first person to descend into one of the worlds most active volcano (Marum), setting foot where no human has ever been before. With exceptional climbing skills in all aspects of rope access Drew is constantly pushing the boundaries of tree climbing and rope access.



Born in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, Wynand grew up in the bush, regularly visiting the Kruger Park and other remote areas of South Africa. As a farmer and nurserymen, he has always been a great tree lover and when his paths crossed with the Explore-team in 2013, there was an immediate synergy and Wynand & his family’s home served as base for the Explore expeditions that followed. 


Martin lives in the Staffordshire Moorlands and has been a climber all his adult life.  He works as an arborist industry instructor and assessor having spent some years working in his own arborist business after leaving the Forces.  Martin spent 22 years in the Army and gained his MIC becoming a mountaineering specialist as well as teaching kayaking, skiing and other adventurous training disciplines.  He has taught over 3500 soldiers from apprentices to special forces and taken part in numerous overseas expeditions in many parts of the world.  In civilian life, Martin has taught hundreds of students in their forestry and arboricultural skills. 

Martin got to know David Wiles through the arboricultural industry training and the ISA climbing competitions where they both assisted as technicians and judges.  Martin took part in his first project for Explore Trees in May 2015 and hopes to continue for many more.


Jamie goddard

I joined Yale Cordage in February 2001 as assistant sales manager. In 2006, I accepted a position as national account coordinator for SherrillTree, Inc., a large arborist products distributor. During my one-year stay with SherrillTree, I grew substantially in my knowledge of the arborist industry and the different levels of manufacturing, distribution and retail processes. I returned to Yale in 2007. 

A graduate of North Yarmouth Academy in Yarmouth Maine, I attended Massachusetts Maritime Academy before beginning a career as a commercial fisherman and lobsterman. Between 1991 and 1996, I held various commercial fishing jobs in the gulf of Maine.

My introduction to the ropes industry began in 1996, when I served as sales manager for Gundry’s USA, Inc., a commercial fisherman supply retailer in Portland, Maine. Among my responsibilities at Gundry’s, I made commercial fishing nets and spliced ropes for Portland’s renowned fleet. 

I currently hold a seat as a voting member of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z133 Standards for Arboriculture Operations. I am the chair-person for the climbing and cordage subgroup of the tree care standards committee. I am also the Maine State Representative for the New England Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). I am a resident of Westbrook, Maine, where I live with my family. In my spare time I enjoy coaching my daughter’s softball team and spending time on the ocean with friends.